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Contact us today for an engineering review and price quote for your photochemical etching or nickel electroforming project.

Discover how etching and electroforming can expand your design options without increasing costs.  Both processes readily support complex part architectures without penalties in set-up, tooling or cycle times.

Process Highlights

Etching: wide variety of alloys from .001" to .080" thick; minimum hole size 110% of metal thickness

Electroforming: pure nickel from sulfamate solution; typically from 10-250 microns thick; minimum holes 15-25 microns with conventional lithography; smaller structures possible with microlithography.

Take advantage of our expertise to learn more about how these capabilities can help you achieve your design goals.

We are happy to assist you with your next design project. We will review your design and offer cost-saving suggestions and provide you with a free quote upon completion.

Quoting Guidelines

For a firm quote, please provide:

  • Fully dimensioned drawing or sketch with required tolerances
  • Secondary operations and finish requirements (forming, plating etc.)
  • Material alloy, temper and thickness
  • Quantity and delivery requirements

For a quick estimate for etched flat blanks only, we need only length, width, thickness, alloy and quantity.


Generally, because of variations dictated by individual design characteristics, Conard prefers to create the tooling. CAD files may be supplied by the customer, but may require alterations.

Tooling costs vary with design complexity, but usually range from $200 to $500 and are normally turned around within twenty-four hours.

Quotation Turntime

We strive to provide price and delivery quotations within 1 business day of receipt of an RFQ.

Production Leadtime

Generally between three and four weeks – prototype and emergency jobs can usually be turned per the customer’s needs.