Find out why photochemical machining is the fabrication process OEMs rely on for precision metal parts.

Chemical milling, photochemical milling, photo etching - the existence of so many similar terms makes understanding the technology behind them confusing. Actually, all of these names describe the exact same process, and once engineers and designers have a chance to learn more about it, they know why photo chemical machining is perfect for precise thin gauge metal parts.

In this complete guide to photo chemical machining, you’ll learn:

  • The ten simple steps in the photo chemical machining process.
  • The reasons why you should use photo chemical machining (Hint: it has several advantages over other metal fabrication processes).
  • The types of metals we can work with.
  • The industries we serve.

In addition, the Comprehensive Guide covers:

  • Specifications and tolerances
  • Design rules
  • Photo etching cost factors
  • Comparisons to other fabricating processes